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JAchievement 2.1


JAchievement is a small library written in Java that provides achievement notification features to any Java application. In short, this library provides an easy way for you to display achievements within an application.

Achievement 1

The authors

JAchievement is maintained by Antoine Neveux  France   and Paulo Roberto Massa Cereda  Brazil.


This library is licensed under the New BSD License.


All the technical documentation (destinated to potential contributors) can be found directly in the source code: there's quite a lot of JavaDoc, so understanding the source code shouldn't be a problem. From an user point of view, all the documentation can be found on the JAchievement dedicated website. Some advanced documentation can also be found on our GitHub Wiki.


The .jar files can be found on our GitHub downloads page. One of the jar contains all the dependencies, so it can be used without anything else, while the other one contains only the JAchievement classes, so you'll need to add the dependencies manually to your application's classpath. And you can also get a zip file of the source code from the GitHub ZipBall feature.


We'd be really happy if you'd like to fork JAchievement. Feel free to submit some pull requests. And don't hesitate to submit issues too, if you have some comments about our work!

Contact us

You can contact us through our Twitter accounts, @antoineneveux and @paulocereda, but of course there are other ways of reaching us:

Special thanks

To these two libraries used in the project: Trident and MigLayout.